November 26, 2011

Ockham's Razor - for $2.99!

I've lowered the Kindle/e-book price for Ockham's Razor from $7.99 to $2.99.

The print edition will still be $12.99.  (Reviews are here.)

(More thoughts on this decision below...)

When I published the novel in 2009, my thoughts were that the print edition would come with the glorious front and back covers designed by the amazingly talented Anne Cain, and the e-book wouldn't.  I had also put a lot of work into designing the interior PDF on Adobe inDesign (and chose a nice-looking perpetua typeface); Kindle scraps a lot of that work in the interest of its own file format, layout and fonts.  The target audience for Ockham's Razor is relatively small, and I knew that going in.  All these factors lead me to price the e-book closer to the print edition to encourage people to buy the book in print.

2+ years later, I've decided to lower the price for the e-book to what has become an industry standard for indie authors.  (Actually, the standard for many is 99¢, but that seems very sad given how much blood, sweat and tears goes into writing a novel.)

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