August 27, 2010

Interview about Ockham's Razor

These were great questions (tough to answer...*wipes brow*) from Hugo Oliaz at Affirmation: Gay & Lesbian Mormons.

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  1. That's a nice interview...

    I did particularly appreciate your discussion of the challenges that same-sex couples would face trying to participate in the LDS Church as believers.

    I'm still curious, though, what your agenda is in relation to faith... I've posed the question before, but I think you've kind of skirted it.

    I won't press you, if you're uncomfortable talking publicly about whether you are a believer or not. But I think it matters in discussions about the Church...

  2. I was raised Mormon, but wouldn't really consider myself post-Mormon since I left the faith early in life before I really knew what I was leaving. Learned more about religion generally, consider myself more Buddhist than anything else, but also a Mormon-watcher. I try to understand the faith on its own terms, particularly on the issue of homosexuality, which I've done a fair amount of research on.