October 23, 2010

Queer Mormon essay to be published!

My essay "Mormon and Queer at the Crossroads" has officially been accepted into Dialogue:  A Journal of Mormon Thought!  The editor, Kristine Haglund, has informed me that it will most likely show up in the Spring 2011 issue.  I'll have one more chance to make perfectionist edits after the copy editor goes through it...and well, I already see a few tweaks here and there, but I also want the thing to be done.

The topic is so contentious.  I look forward to the discussion it generates...I cover a lot of important points.  (I even have slightly grandiose ideas about changing the world.)  At about 8500 words with 92 footnotes (might still change), it's my first major scholarly publication.

My hope is that the essay can land me [at some unspecified point down the road] in a Ph.D. program of some sort.  This is one of those interdisciplinary pieces:  queer theory, feminist studies, cultural studies, history, psychology, sociology of religion, even a little bit of law.