September 5, 2013

Erotic Detours (or Destinations!)

As I work on my fantasy novel, I keep running into a conundrum...

Whenever I get to scenes that have any erotic undertone whatsoever, I end up overwriting them.  Then, when I go back and reread the scenes, I think to myself, "This is too erotic.  My characters are hornballs."  Not that I don't want my characters to be hornballs, but there's a time and place to focus on this aspect.

One way to deal with this conundrum is write a novel out of order; many novelists can do this: they can write a sixteenth chapter before they write a second. Alas, I cannot.

Then I realized I was the hornball!   So, I took a detour and wrote some erotica to get it out of my system.

Here it is... my first foray into pure erotica:  Korean Dude Gets His Wish.

It was just posted last night, but I've already received numerous pleased responses asking for/demanding a "Part 2"!  (Erotica fan mail is so great!~)

While I'm here on the topic of erotic storytelling, also -- I've been translating into German with the help of a wonderful proofreader the popular American yaoi webcomic Teahouse.  We've begun Chapter Three, and I hope to keep myself/us on a schedule of uploading a couple new pages per week.  If you happen to be a German-speaker into yaoi, here you go:  Teehaus.

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